The Change UP

The Change UP

Our day-to-day routines can get predictable and boring. Changing our daily routines for some can be difficult. Think about it take 5 minutes right now. If you just said to yourself; OMG! I do have a set routine. Then it’s time for the Change Up.

We should change our routines for many reasons but here are two that can have a positive and negative result: 1) (Negative) So we don’t get bored with ourselves or with other’s which can manifest itself into arguments, divorce, depression, anger, loneliness, hostility, simple all negative emotions.  2) (Positive) for the continual feeding of the spirit. Our spirits were meant to be free not stagnated; we must allow our spirits to continue to be free. A free spirit manifests itself into happiness, joy, peace and contentment and all positive emotions.

Remember when you were younger how you felt so free you tried new things and how it felt when you actually ran, jumped, laughed and played outside. Your spirit was free just the way God intended. We were born with a clear a Mind, a Healthy Body and a Free Spirit. Some of us weren’t taught that they need to be rejuvenated or how to maintain them.

Most of us are feeling weighted down and frustrated. One reason is we are not doing what make us happy or free. Yes we have responsibilities, but we can take care of those and have meaningful and exciting lives divorced, single or married. We work to live and Live to work. It’s time for a Change Up.

Even if you’re in a relationship, or married it’s time for the two of you to Change Up start having fun together, inspire each other, play with each other, communicate, date each other and trust each other, again.  These things are part of the Change Up. If your single take a chance, have fun, meet people, stop staying home go places you’ve always wanted to go, it’s not a curse to be single, embrace your single life. Hang out with other single people; join a club or starting dating. The Routine Stops Now; Change up; you have everything you need to be free.   Ready – Set – Go!

  JuS  DeW U


We live life watching people that’s how we learn to walk and talk mimicking our parents and siblings from birth. As we grow in this life we see a lot of good and bad. We tell ourselves I’m not going to do this or that and I’m going to be this when I grow up. Yet somehow along the way we get lost or stumble off the path for which we tried to stay on. Circumstance and Situations take us to places we never thought we’d be in, but with those we call growing pains we learn what to do and what not to do. Out of all the things I was taught the one thing I often come back to is be the best you that you can because  your own color, and swag nobody can take away from you. I wear black you wear blue, I say in you say out, it’s because we were born unique, everybody has their own genuine swag and in that you find comfort and confidence, so I say find your own swag what makes you comfortable and confident, don’t mimic, someone else’s image, tv, actors, singers, dancers because then you become a copy of something or someone else. And copies can be thrown away but originals will always be remember in the history books. Never do we want people to say oh he or she trying to be like this or that. A person who is true to themselves there is always something different that will be noticed and set apart from everyone else; so be fly; be creative; be bold; show who you are as a individual, how you say easy JUS DEW U.


written by Regina Johnson