We live life watching people that’s how we learn to walk and talk mimicking our parents and siblings from birth. As we grow in this life we see a lot of good and bad. We tell ourselves I’m not going to do this or that and I’m going to be this when I grow up. Yet somehow along the way we get lost or stumble off the path for which we tried to stay on. Circumstance and Situations take us to places we never thought we’d be in, but with those we call growing pains we learn what to do and what not to do. Out of all the things I was taught the one thing I often come back to is be the best you that you can because¬† your own color, and swag nobody can take away from you. I wear black you wear blue, I say in you say out, it’s because we were born unique, everybody has their own genuine swag and in that you find comfort and confidence, so I say find your own swag what makes you comfortable and confident, don’t mimic, someone else’s image, tv, actors, singers, dancers because then you become a copy of something or someone else. And copies can be thrown away but originals will always be remember in the history books. Never do we want people to say oh he or she trying to be like this or that. A person who is true to themselves there is always something different that will be noticed and set apart from everyone else; so be fly; be creative; be bold; show who you are as a individual, how you say easy JUS DEW U.


written by Regina Johnson

6 thoughts on “JUs DeW U

  1. Very inspirational, very inspiring, absolutely moving I had a tear in my eye as I kept reading, keep up the good work on ur newly found self prescription of phalantrapy


  2. That is so True. I had a Spirtiual moment when I read that. I also shed a few tears Hallijah. The memories of my life came to mind. It had me reflect on what I told my boys. I told them Be yourself and you will love yourself even more. Regina you are a True Writer. Praise God.


  3. During tough times we can find ourselves saying, “Why Me”? A survivor
    says “Why Not”?

    Keep sharing, listening and writing, those are the things that helped me
    get to this good place in my life.

    God Bless


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