LoVe UnExPeCtEd


Some of us are hoping this year “Love Finds us” This is dedicated to ones who love found… and for the ones still waiting don’ t worry its coming.

LoVe UnExPeCtEd

Blinded by the emptiness of a fallen love. My life shifted to another so warm and inviting the single touch of compassion stirred my soul. When up from the bottomless pit I came. Open to receive all that was to be. In darkness and shame no more. The room to breathe, laugh, and no longer dreaming of a love that’s destined for me. Yes Me; We; Us. Communicating openly yet free to be and express ourselves as individuals, for which we both hope to become one.

Blessed with this a calm and strong spirit with no hidden agendas, no games, and no player moves. When did this spirit fall from the sky and how did I miss this extraordinary event? God must keep these special souls hidden under his wings until a time such as this. Cause I have never in my lifetime on this earth met anyone like you.

I never knew that holding hands, and dancing close in the moonlight could feel so good, and mean so much. This great conversationalist and a teacher of “LOVE” is pulling on my heart strings. I thought I knew what “LOVE” was, but didn’t. I was either doing it all wrong or I had never had it in the first place. Who would have thought I’d encounter someone with such commonalities as their strong believe in God, and knowing that God is “LOVE”; And how “LOVE” is not sex, or physical nor mental pain brought on by another.

Can it be? this is unheard of; where did you come from, I didn’t see the smoke come before you, nor heard any trumpet sounds, no one introduction of your name before you entered the room. How can this be? Just when I was starting to believe, that I am out of range and unwanted, covered up; not worthy; or block off from this thing call “LOVE”. Yet it found me, trapped me; then consumed me.

This “LOVE” it was; a gentle pat on the back; a whisper in my ear; a hello in a crowd; a email from a dating site; the intro from a friend; a walk down the street; the passerby in a hall; the neighbor close by; the wrong number called; the blind date I went on; the laughter shared on a came unexpected it was looking for me and it found me; Yep “LOVE” found ME.  

Written by GinaJo


JuS DeW U  and watch love show up….


It has happened, I can’ believe it has happened. My heart is beating so fast. I can’t breathe and I feel dizzy. I can’t believe he chose me from out of a crowd of hundreds of shapes, sizes, and faces.

It happening he’s looking at me; he is smiling at me. he’s coming closer and closer ooh what must I do. My palms are sweaty and I am shaking, ooh I am going to pass out any minute, I’m telling myself to stay calm; ok –  ok breathe in; out; in; out. Whew!! Okay! Okay!

Listen to what he has to say and then come up with a cleaver response you can do this just smile and act like it’s no big deal. He’s coming closer it seems like forever for him to reach me. He’s coming OMG! Okay Okay! Okay! Okay! It’s about to go down, He says (Hi) I say Hi and he keeps walking until he passes me. What!!! I can’t believe it has happened he wasn’t looking at me it was she……. again.

Written by Ginajo


Yes this has happen to a lot of us but don’t give up the one day you think he or she is looking past you they are really looking at you. Love has a funny way of showing up when we are least expected. In the meantime embrace your single status. No worries.. Being single has it’s advantages. Here’s a positive thought; I am expecting the grand entrance of the love in the meantime or the love of a lifetime in any case when that day comes I will be open, ready and willing to go the distance. Right now I have some growing to do and quite possibly they do to. So enjoy you right now; pamper you; love you; then in time you will love them. As always ….






Ride or Die

It was going down. I was in my feelings so deep and you were there right by my side saying how you can’t believe this happen and somebody needs to pay. (You say)Yea it was crazy how you’re disrespected, shunned and cast out and used. Ooh no! this ain’t going down like this you said as we are slapping high fives, I was like yea you right it ain’t going down like this you right somebody gotta pay for this insubordination. I am crying, angry hurt, depressed, mad. (I say to you) okay it’s time to go and deal with this head on we gotta show that we ain’t taking this lying down; you with me (I say to you) yea I got you let’s do it (you say). So we plotted and planned for at least an hour. Believing we have a full proof plan (You say) Lets go so we grab the car keys and various other miscellaneous items. (Me) upset frustrated, confused; (You) talking about what we gonna do when we get there and find the situation. Then we decide we need weapons so we get the knife (tongue) the gun and bullets (words) we even get physical confrontation to ride with us. Now we ready to ride out we load up as we are driving were talking ooh yea it’s on ( I say) I am gonna blah za skippy) then you co-signing my blah za skippy and then you add-on to my blah za skippy (I say) let’s speed up and do this; Then we arrive at the designated place get out and start walking, (I say)We almost their; all of a sudden … no sound.. so I say it again we almost there still no sound I look back and I’ll be… You Won’t believe it …. My Ride or Die has rode off nowhere to be found until the morning when I get a call; I say Hello  they say :  Dude what happen?

Written by  Regina Johnson

This short story happens to so many people every day. Hanging around the wrong people. You need people around to defuse the situation; not fuel it. Positive people do positive things, even in the mist of turmoil.  Choose your ride or die’s carefully. And most of all always check your blind spot.