Ride or Die

It was going down. I was in my feelings so deep and you were there right by my side saying how you can’t believe this happen and somebody needs to pay. (You say)Yea it was crazy how you’re disrespected, shunned and cast out and used. Ooh no! this ain’t going down like this you said as we are slapping high fives, I was like yea you right it ain’t going down like this you right somebody gotta pay for this insubordination. I am crying, angry hurt, depressed, mad. (I say to you) okay it’s time to go and deal with this head on we gotta show that we ain’t taking this lying down; you with me (I say to you) yea I got you let’s do it (you say). So we plotted and planned for at least an hour. Believing we have a full proof plan (You say) Lets go so we grab the car keys and various other miscellaneous items. (Me) upset frustrated, confused; (You) talking about what we gonna do when we get there and find the situation. Then we decide we need weapons so we get the knife (tongue) the gun and bullets (words) we even get physical confrontation to ride with us. Now we ready to ride out we load up as we are driving were talking ooh yea it’s on ( I say) I am gonna blah za skippy) then you co-signing my blah za skippy and then you add-on to my blah za skippy (I say) let’s speed up and do this; Then we arrive at the designated place get out and start walking, (I say)We almost their; all of a sudden … no sound.. so I say it again we almost there still no sound I look back and I’ll be… You Won’t believe it …. My Ride or Die has rode off nowhere to be found until the morning when I get a call; I say Hello  they say :  Dude what happen?

Written by  Regina Johnson

This short story happens to so many people every day. Hanging around the wrong people. You need people around to defuse the situation; not fuel it. Positive people do positive things, even in the mist of turmoil.  Choose your ride or die’s carefully. And most of all always check your blind spot.