It has happened, I can’ believe it has happened. My heart is beating so fast. I can’t breathe and I feel dizzy. I can’t believe he chose me from out of a crowd of hundreds of shapes, sizes, and faces.

It happening he’s looking at me; he is smiling at me. he’s coming closer and closer ooh what must I do. My palms are sweaty and I am shaking, ooh I am going to pass out any minute, I’m telling myself to stay calm; ok –  ok breathe in; out; in; out. Whew!! Okay! Okay!

Listen to what he has to say and then come up with a cleaver response you can do this just smile and act like it’s no big deal. He’s coming closer it seems like forever for him to reach me. He’s coming OMG! Okay Okay! Okay! Okay! It’s about to go down, He says (Hi) I say Hi and he keeps walking until he passes me. What!!! I can’t believe it has happened he wasn’t looking at me it was she……. again.

Written by Ginajo


Yes this has happen to a lot of us but don’t give up the one day you think he or she is looking past you they are really looking at you. Love has a funny way of showing up when we are least expected. In the meantime embrace your single status. No worries.. Being single has it’s advantages. Here’s a positive thought; I am expecting the grand entrance of the love in the meantime or the love of a lifetime in any case when that day comes I will be open, ready and willing to go the distance. Right now I have some growing to do and quite possibly they do to. So enjoy you right now; pamper you; love you; then in time you will love them. As always ….






2 thoughts on “PICKED OUT OF A CROWD…

  1. lol I rather have him pass me by if hes only half into me, I believe ya, he should pick me out of a crowd and make the move otherwise I am just another generic girl that he said meh shes ok, no I want my dude to be like thats the most beautiful girl I have ever seen I want to know her and make the effort, sadly don’t think anyone cares that much anymore……but rejection doesn’t phase me I welcome it and it doesn’t hurt me one bit, cuz I feel its good, if you don’t like me and I am not your type don’t waste my time and don’t even try.


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