blue sky

Embracing the day, the day begins as it should by being awaken; yes I said it awaken by God. Yes I said that too. No matter how loud your alarm clock is you are still awaken by God for his purpose. It’s a blessing to be awaken; Take a moment to think someone didn’t wake up this morning. ┬áSo if you haven’t already, Thank God for waking you today. Giving you another chance to make it right. So embrace the day.

We’ll embracing the day really means doing all things positive. Like stop take a look at the sky see how beautiful it is, take a deep breath of the clean air. How about looking at the trees even if they have no leaves. View nature in its purest form. These wonderful things have been given us to enjoy and to take care of.

We take it for granted the blooming of the flowers, the animals we feed on even the one that assist in the structure of nature. Even the trees and land it all so beautiful and necessary. It all comes together to live a clean and healthy lifestyle. Embracing the day with positive living. Enjoying what we have and who we are. Embracing ourselves and our mistakes.


We can’t change yesterday its gone never to return. But today you can do something different; or better or simply just for today you can be positive. One day at a time we can show love; we can be loved; we can hug someone, be hugged; we can help someone; we can be available to receive help; we can laugh; we can smile; we can speak positively; we can give compliments; receive compliments; all this and more can be done today. You can encounter great people; learn a new skill; feed the hungry; clothes the naked; give great advice; be a comforter; all these things are embracing the day. Don’t go to sleep angry and wake up angry then miss out on an embraced day.


Anger is a dangerous root that grows rapid if feed. We must keep it out of our mind, so it won’t weaken our bodies and then corrupt our soul. Each day can be an embraced day. Try it you will be filled with joy when you do. So tomorrow when you are awaken start your day as an embraced let the sun go down with the same spirits. And remember as you embrace the day always…. JuS Dew U.

Written by Ginajo