ThE OnE NiTe StAnD


SO HERE WE ARE thought we were going to last forever or at least 6 months instead we lasted a few days… all it took was one night of intimacy and the next at the (It’s the I’ll call you back and they never do). How did we get here ?. All I did was text… and you read it wrong… those darn text they simply change everything each emotion typed is read wrong. I could have called, what was I thinking. Afraid of getting rejected by your words spoken through a telephone. Thinking to myself I am stronger than that.. accept what happens and move on. But my emotions took over making me feel vulnerable. Even still I got up the nerve and made the call only to get (Hey I’ll call you back but he or she never did).

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So tragic the one nite stand always ends up with bad repercussions. Either you end up pregnant, or with a disease you can’t get rid of,  or one-sided feelings you wish would go away. All of them hurt and leave you feeling like what have I done. I was so careful, OMG! this is the one night stand you didn’t know it was a one stand until it was. Now we gotta go thru the emotional stages first hurt, than mad than sad… and not always in that order. We gotta go through in order to get to the rainbow at the end of the storm. Everybody had done it some make some don’t, some has been through it many times. We try to prevent it by going years without an emotional connection then this , which only reminds you of why you don’t. Most of the time you don’t know until you know.

The signs were there, but we keep driving. I remember all those warning signs, STOP, DO NOT ENTER, SLIPPERY WHEN WET and the ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK, this area has large hills, gravel and wide turns it a possibility you could lose control of your vehicle and crash or drop off a cliff. Yes we saw them but kept driving. It flashes before your eyes and then you get the feeling and sense that comes over you when you not suppose to do something or when you should either run, duck or hide. Yet we don’t listen to our instincts they are always there.


Well here it comes…the clouds are closing in it’s getting dark, it crazy cause I can see the sun over there but right here; it’s about to rain, a storm is brewing the wind is picking up.  It’s a wrap no matter how we try to hide it and act like it don’t hurt it hurts even more. Let it rain fall ,  let the wind blow, in fact let it pour, let the lighting strike and the thunder roar even if the storm last a few days, let it.


Why because when it the clouds pass, and the rain stops , then the wind subsides. We are still standing maybe a little bruised from the being tossed, a little weak for holding on to the trees, and a little confused from the lighting striking so close.. But the sun will stop it all in an instant then you can let go, stand tall and when the rainbow comes, then you’re ready to face the world again, stronger, wiser and with plan.

All from one nite . For some it’s been many nite’s of trying to find the love their lives.  No matter how many times or what the circumstances:  face that storm head on. So when the sun comes; the tears are dry , the hurt is easier to bare, the pain fades,  and won’t see a trace of the 1 nite stand.


Listen to your instincts they will never steer you the wrong way..

Love without fear its the brave that finds true LOVE and…..


Written by GinaJO