Do U KnOw U hAvE a DiAmOnD?

YOU  know I have given you my version of the world. I have loved you as best as I know how. I am not perfect. Nor have I claimed to be. My body isn’t perfect; I am not even the perfect shade of color. My hair doesn’t flow down my back or shoulder length and if is I don’t wear it in the way nice styles you see in the magazines. My feet aren’t manicured all the time and sometimes I do forget to shave. I work so hard during the day and I know you do to and some days I don’t have dinner prepared when you come home. I don’t wear a size 5 or 9 or even 10, my waistline isn’t like the young people. I am not a size 12, 16 or 20 I do have a small frame and not much body. Yes I do wear glasses more than my contacts; my eyes aren’t blue, green, gray or even light brown. No I don’t dress like the young people. My clothes do cover my body. And No I don’t hang out in the clubs every weekend, or dance provocative in the mirrors. My skirt is long and my shirts cover my chest. Yes, I may.  Dance loose, my skirt is short and I like to show off my chest. I like different color hair and bright colors, and wear lots of jewelry. Ok sure I wear a new wig or hairpiece or braids all the time. No I am not rich and I work hard to keep things going. I may be wealthy and drive a fancy car and can by what I want. Not a big deal that I don’t have a car and catch the bus. I don’t dress like the models. I didn’t go to college yet I worked all my life. Being educated is what I am and I love school. I don’t bench press 250, or do 250 push ups, or situps. I may eat too many sweets at times and I don’t walk or exercise enough. All these things you can say about me and more.


BUT I am unique in many ways. A true diamond in the rough I am. Bold, Funny, Loving, and Caring. I made a lot bad decisions when it came to you. I have said some things I am ashamed and sorry for, I have even had some bad character defects come out in anger or hurt. Yet I have made changes for which you either don’t see or don’t care to see. Truth is told I can only be me. My love is true. I show you I love you all the time. You may be asking yourself how? Because I show up. I have given you my love my time, talent and treasure and yet I am never enough. There are always an excuses or reasons why you can’t treat me the way I have always treated you. Oh blinded one, when I am gone you will realize how much I actually loved you. So much so I’d rather pray with you then lay with you.

Yours Truly,

The one who’s always there

Yeah, I bet this really shook some people. Good it should, we go thru life sometimes not really realizing how we are treating the one who loves us the most.  Writing this was an eye opener for me as well. Male or Female must treat each other better. You can sleep with someone, but not truly respect and love them. And if so STOP IT. Accepting someone for who they truly are and not changing them means you love them unconditionally. If you trying to change them or are searching for what you think you’re missing in them you will miss out on what could be the best thing that ever happen to you. Remember what goes around comes around.  When you know yourself that you are a person with flaws and bad character defects or a checker past and true love present itself. Don’t abuse it or corrupt it if you don’t want it walk away leave it to be found by someone who is really  searching for it and when found will cherish it. (U know when you ain’t right)


**A true diamond will be found down deep in the dirt and brushed off, cleaned and polished in order for it to shine for as long as it’s loved. JuS DeW U “But don’t hurt anyone in the process”

 Written by Ginajo