ThE DaTe….?


Dressed up ready to go…. Awaiting with my stomach in knots, anticipating this date for which I had dreamed of all my life. With the man who I thought I would never meet. Our eyes met on a sunny breezy day. I smiled and so did he. From across the park we both were talking to someone else and laughing could it be about the same joke? Gallant was he strong tall and handsome. Yep, a tall glass of water so to speak. How blessed could I be that I would meet such a man with the smile that make me feel so warm and exciting. As we both work the picnic we ended up beside one another. Eager to talk he says hi, I smile and say hello. Wow what a connection; it was like two magnets that was being pulled together to make a complete part. Great conversation that ended up in him asking me out on a date. Me nervous not sure what to say I exhale and say yes.

Of course my mind racing; thinking in my mind when he  picks me up  I wonder; will he open the car door for me, or will simply call or text me to say he is outside. No this is what he does being the gentleman he is; he rings the doorbell, I answer he stands there for a minute and says;  Wow you look beautiful; are you ready?  I smile as he takes my hand to help me down the stairs. He opens the door for me and waits until I get in and then closes it. So I check him out as he walks around the front of the car, then I reach over and unlocks his door. He was impressed and smile. Then as he opens the door and get in; I smell his cologne and it immediately rushes up my nose to my brain.  Oooh sexy smell.  I love when a man smells good, he says  again are you ready? I look with a gleam in my eye and say yes.

We proceed to talk as he drives us to our destination. He continues being a gentleman; and ask are ok, I say yes I am fine thanks. He ask what favorit music is and I say smooth jazz, Boney James, Jeff Lorber etc. He say yes I like that type of music as well; grown, sexy up and relax music (he says).  Then he quickly puts in a cd and turns it low and what do you know its Boney James.  (I smile).


When we arrive at our destination he get out walks around the front of the car and opening the door grabbing my hand to help me out of the car. When we enter the restaurant he open the door, and proceeds to handle business; allowing me to walk first as he hold the door; He greets the Hostess; the he gently put his hand on the small of my back as  the waitress leads us  to the table.  Where this man pulls out my chair seats me and skoots me under the table. And I get another smell of his cologne. Ohh my my my. So I then look around and smile. I then look around the restaurant very elegant place; good food; nice atmosphere and of course more great conversation with lots of laughter.

Time to go; While walking out of course I take a look at what he has on; first his shoes; then his pants; the front;the back and then chest wow this guy is well put together. Which brings about more nervous knots.  He  then reaches for my hand helps me down the stairs and to the car and opens the door for me and waits until I get in the car to shut the door. Yea that’s what’s up. I so love being a women and even more so when treated like one. Nothing like a man who treats a woman respectful, gracious and sweet. 

Anyway on with the date.. We proceed to ride down the street in his good smelling car his cologne mixed with my perfume.. The conversations starts off with him saying; Let me say again you look beautiful and smell very nice; did you enjoy your dinner. I smiled and said yes I did, as well as the atmosphere and company. He asked would you like to take a drive by the lake and if you’re up to it maybe walk and talk get to know each other more. I said; sure. Okay a couple more points for him he is on a roll.. He tells a joke about a co-worker and I laugh very hard. I am getting more relaxed. We get to a spot at the lake and he walks around to open the car door and puts his hand out to help me out of the car but this time he gently pulls me close to him and brushes his cheek against mine. Smooth!  You don’t get this every day ladies… No way do this… Fine, good smelling, sexy and a gentleman. My my my… And who said chivalry was dead.


Long story short we walk, talk, and laugh, and have a good time. The lake is a little breezy but still I am hot because with this guy I am warm all over we head to the marina where he pulls out of his pocket this small radio and he turns some jazz and ask for this dance…Yea,  I am serious yall it was all that.. he takes my hand and gently  grabs me ooh so gently around the waist and close to him .. I wanted to melt but stood firm.. we slowly dance to a smooth jazz tunes. It was beautiful full moon. The light from the moon was so bright it was the only light needed to light the area where we were. We dance for two songs and  yep you know it  … It happened!!  he gently kissed my neck then my cheek; then my lips… it was going down.. I melted like butter.. I never thought it would possible to be treated with such respect and gentleness. I thought to myself; I deserve it and much more.  then for some reason out of the blue a loud ringing began, just kept ringing, ringing, ringing, it wouldn’t stop, until….. We’ll I’ll be …. I was dreaming LOL


Written by Ginajo

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  1. regina..regina..regina…what a wonderful dream…Keep the Faith. I believe God gave U that dream. He is coming. Traveling, visiting people or family. that man is there…


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