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Look at you doing your thing making plans for a great day. Waking up positive getting your extra hygiene regimen on. Good mental mood and physically fit and  ready. Popping those vitamins to keep you moving. Even taking little extra time to make a healthy lunch.


Today is your day sun shining warm breeze and ready for the world. I’m so impressed by your ability to be all you can be today by being prepared, focused and capitalizing on your words of encouragement as you look at yourself in the mirror. Telling yourself: You are great; you’re beautiful (handsome). Your are confident; Your are in control of your thoughts. You are strong: You are kind: You will give love today: You will receive love today: You are the head and not the tail: No Weapon Formed Against You Shall Prosper: You are a lender not a borrow. Nothing but power words of encouragement.


So go Boy(Girl) ! with your unique self. People will see you as a positive and motivated spirit ready for whatever comes your way. Putting on that beautiful smile and laughing all day long. Speak that; Walk that positive living in your life.

Despite the situations, or issues in your life, today no one can tell you’re hurting, sad or disappointed not today. Today you’re ALL THAT!!! and more.

It’s time to shine like the sun high in the sky on a clear day. You were born to be Great, Bright and Bold.

Now go be the King or Queen your are!!! and don’t forget ….

JuS Dew U

Written by Ginajo