Now that you have tried:
Relationships; Friendships; Boyfriends; Girlfriends; Therapy; Jail; Drugs; Alcohol; Sex; Food; Institutions; 12 Steps; Al-Anon Meetings; Counseling
And then:
Read Books; Watched CDs; Movies;
And then:
Get advice from:
Mother; Father; Brother; Sister; Cousin; Teacher; Neighbor; Uncle; Aunt; Friend; Pastor; other various Family members
Whew!!!!!! Exhausting

Pointing at you
It all starts with you. Oh! How we get lost and drown ourselves in what everybody else says about who we are, what we like, and what we believe in. So much so we stop listening to ourselves. You know what best for you, what you like and don’t like. Letting people dictate who you are. Is letting them take power over you. DON’T LET PEOPLE; PLACES OR THINGS, take your power. You have the power to think good thoughts, and be of good cheer. You have the power become whatever your heart’s desire. If you dream it just believe it then you can achieve it. If you don’t want to do something, consume something go somewhere then DON’T. You control your body, your mind and your soul. Say NO! And meant it. Walking away is not being a coward its being brave. Take a chance on you. Trust you.

Yes! We all do need a little help and guidance, but be careful where you seek it. Spend time quite time with the creator, the one who does not judge and loves you unconditionally. And I promise you all will be revealed, and you’ll have no worries. But again; it all starts with you. So tell me what you gonna do with the ONE LIFE you’ve been given? Make it Count! because

YOU ARE, YOU CAN and YOU HAVE now go and JuS Dew U.d-person-pointing-finger-illustration-rendering-angry-man-to-you-white-people-man-character-34785106

Written by Ginajo