I think I can, I maybe can, and I should be able to. If I would just, if I was, I am not, I wasn’t, and I could have. Yep those are all negative gesture we’ve made about ourselves. And we spoke those words into existence. Many of us as young children wasn’t taught to speak with confidence or even to fake it till we make it.
Somewhere along the way we just gave up on ourselves. And yes a lot of situations, people and things we continue to do play a big part in keeping us down. For one as I have always said we’ve forgotten how to have good clean fun. Society put in our heads that celebration causes for drinking. We happy we drink, we get sad we drink and now a days it’s accompanied by drugs.

The best way to deal with self is to be yourself. If you need to medicate yourself in order to accomplish speaking in front of people, make the shot, catch the ball, run the course, make the call, talk face to face, deal with the day, have an argument, dance to the music, etc. Then you’re not yourself at all.
It makes you weak not strong.

A strong person can endure without medicating themselves, a strong courageous person can confront the pain head on and enjoy the happiness. Remember it only takes 60 seconds to be brave. After that 60 seconds the thought of taking a drink or having a smoke, and taking a pill has passed. It’s all you, let it be you. Your creative mind was given to you without drugs and alcohol. Your gifts and talents are a blessing don’t drown them in a bottle, or let fade away on pills. All because you’re afraid to be U.


I know when we were young people laugh at us made fun of us, hurts us, pushed us, beat us, yelled at us and that’s just to name a few things people has done to us. But it was to make you stronger, wiser, and bolder. Not submissive, weak, and afraid.
I am not saying you can’t drink, what I am saying is you can’t drink and think for a minute you are still yourself. Your true self. No you’re not. The minute you take that first drink the real you disappears and suddenly your brave enough to speak; sometime with anger, in a tones that hurt the ones you love and those you don’t, you will hit the ones you love and even the ones you don’t, you do things you wouldn’t ordinary do, you put yourself in desperate positions, even in harm’s way. It’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde handing out with you. Not of all of us wreak havoc when we drink, but we do change.

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Then you asking everyone what you did last night. Your wake up with a hangover and depressed and now your embarrassed, angry because you lost money, your dignity, your respect, your house, your car, your family, your kids, your best friend, your lover, your mother, your father, your freedom, your life.

Why? All because you were too afraid to be yourself. Your true self, won’t let anyone love the real you. Did you know some couples who drink and or drug together they love is built on the substance. They can’t be with each other unless they are drinking and or drugging. But soon as one of them stop drinking and seeing who the other person becomes they don’t want them anymore. Be careful your relationship isn’t built on the drinks and substances we take to tolerate each other, and so called drunken love.


When you take a chance on the real you then your day begins and ends with: I can, I am, and I did, I am, I will, and I rock!
Love you, embrace you. The substance free you.

JuS DeW U. Responsibly

Written by Ginajo