Quick-Fast and in a Hurry we want things now a days. I needed it yesterday is are one of the phrases we use. Or “When you coming” or “I want it now” and this one “I got to go”. Rushing our family and friends to the point or aggravation which then cause them to leave thing behind, get an attitude and unsafe driving.
We eat lots of fast food because people don’t want to cook anymore which brings about unhealthy eating then turns in to overweight and serious health problems. We stand in long lines for latest and greatest cell phones and other gadgets we can’t afford but we know will be affordable in a few weeks or a month but its the now now now syndrome which brings about an unpaid bill then debt . We microwave instead of warming up on or in the stove.

We rush church services gotta go home and watch the game, wash clothes all types of reasons to hurry along the word, then we miss the word or song we needed to hear  for the clarification needed to get through the next second, minute or hour then no healing or break through. We use all these unhealthy products to lose weight fast or we risk our lives to under the knife and get fat sucked out because we don’t want to take the time to exercise. We take all these risk with our bodies, our minds, our soul, as well as our finances all for the glory of Quick-Fast and in a Hurry.

We must slow down. As I am reviewing in my mind all the things we want fast I am blown away. Fast isn’t always good, in a lot of ways it’s really bad. Perfection takes time we have to move at a steady pace in order to maintain and continue to excel in anything and everything we do.

It’s okay to let it simmer; the situation; the relationship; the pot on the stove; the money in your bank account; when you do it gives you the opportunity to make any changes or add to it with minimal harm.
 You will be able to handle the situation with a clear mind and make a positive decision.
 You will be able to view your relationship thoroughly to ensure your making the right choices for you. Making sure it’s  healthy and not toxic.
 You will be able to add some key ingredients to make sure your food has flavor and is healthy for your body.
 You will be able to balance your bank account correctly and pay your bills on time. So you will become a lender and not a borrower. It’s best to have more cash than credit.


We should be thinking before we speak and act that will save lives and reduce harm to your and others. Eat slower so our food can digest for your body’s sake. And never be in a rush to go anywhere that’s how accidents happen. Where you’re going will be there when you get there. If it isn’t there then it wasn’t meant for you’re to see, taste, hear or do.
Don’t you know that when you’re delayed it’s really a blessing. You were being protect from something or someone that could have potentially cause pain mentally or physically. Think about it.


We miss so many great opportunities, visions, and moments because we are rushing all the time. Slow down take your time to smell the flowers, look up at the beautiful stars, or the blue sky, smile at someone or give someone time to smile at you. Give a hug; be hugged; Show love; be loved; Help someone; or be helped. There are so many wonderful things happening around you if we just slow down and watch it happen.

So I urge you all to JuS DeW U with patience.

Written by Ginajo