A Positive 2015


The New Year is here and many of us have made some New Year resolutions.
Well I have for you LET IT GO.
All that is past is past. You can’t change it. The good and the bad of it. Most of us try hard to erase all the negative experiences in our lives. It’s not easy to when you keep traveling down the same road it happened on. We all make mistakes learn from it and make a better choices. First step choose a different route.

happy-new-year-text-design-45352465  is just a New Year. It doesn’t matter about having a new car, a new house or, a new man or women, new job or new outfits going into the New Year if you don’t have a new mind. Going into the new with the old mindset will get you the same old year with a new date. If it’s still living in your head it’s still living in your life. If you kill it in your head you can kill it in your life.

Let this year be about you letting go of it all. Whatever negative issues, situations, relationships, bad habits or people. You have to move on. Remember that old saying ” You’ll do better if you know better”. We’ll now you know. We can only change ourselves and our actions. It’s all up to you. See you, love you, and know you. This is what matters doing it all with positive thoughts can help you stay focused, motivated and inspired to be the best at what you aspire to be. Thinking positive changes everything. It’s the beginning of becoming unstoppable. I don’t have all their answers but what I do know is that you have to let go of the negative, embrace the positive and your life will change. Get ready to meet great people, see fantastic sites, and do thing you never thought possible. All because you decided to think great things about you, speak great things about you and act in the positive way you think, speak and feel.

Stop saying you can’t when you can, Stop going around people who are toxic for you. Stop saying yes when you mean NO, Stop creating drama where there is none, Stop worrying about things, people and situations you can’t change, Stop opening your door to become a victim, Stop saying those negative things about other people and yourself, Stop bullying, Stop being quiet and speak up for yourself, Stop; Stop; Stop… (Fill in the blanks) It stops with you; yes all you need is U.
Say it with me 2015 is the year when I Stop the negative and start the positive…now smile.free_256336

Go JuS DeW U “Positively”
Written by Ginajo