Hey! I met someone today at the right place at the right time. I looked up and all I could see was a beautiful smile then I heard hello and I said hello. In an instant some sort of particles began to swirl around us it looked like magic dust. We stood there paralyzed for two whole minutes as if the magic dust had to make a complete circle around us before we could move. And just as the circle completed we began to connect in conversation followed by laughter.
Oh! I met someone today while we conversed I couldn’t hear or see anyone else. We were the only two people that existed it would seemed. We talked about our careers, kids, family, weather, politics, and religion all in a manner of minutes but was really hours.
Yeah! I met someone today so comfortable with one another so much so the longer we stayed in each others presences the more the magnetic energy was pulling us closer together as we walked and touched hands.

Hmmm! I met someone today and it seems like we have known each other for years. Finishing each others sentences and watching each others ever move. Like a dance we have rehearse many times over.
Whew! I met someone today even the cold weather felt like a warm summer day. A sunny and bright beautiful day. The kind where the sun was high yet it was so warm you’d want to take your shirt off and run across the sprinklers.
I met someone today and it was one of our best days and for the rest of our days we will say on this day I told my friends and family. I met someone today and that someone was you.

Written by GinaJO