I have fought hard, studied all the moves, ducked, dodged, bobbed and weaved. I took some stiff right hooks. But I got some good punches in a right then a left the crowd goes wild. I got this; I said to myself. Then I got dazed so I moved around in a circle with my hands up trying to shake it off. Then out of nowhere I took a swift hit to my body then my head; Oh No.. I’m going down… I got (Knocked Out).


All I could hear was the bell ringing three times ding-ding-ding. Again ding-ding-ding; Then the voice in my head said get up; get up; don’t give up; get up; so I got up. Still dazed but I’m up; stumbling can’t walk straight but moving. Slowly I get to my corner; sit on my stool, drink some water, and now I am ready for the second, third and fourth round of being in the ring with life; circumstances, issues, depression, addiction, worry, confusion, anger, emotional pain; but this time. I’m not the one that’s going down; the undisputed heavyweight champion title of┬áCOURAGEOUS WARRIOR goes to ___________Yep if you’re reading this U.

best winner
Written by GinaJo