We seem to be living in paralysis time. Never know if our loved ones will return home. The violence seems to be spreading all over the world. The best thing we can do is hold on to love. It conquers all. It is still around us and with us. Every time you see it and feel it, embrace it. Let it flourish and consume you and yes even protect you.

Let not the LOVE in your heart die for the enemy waits in darkness to steal LOVE. The seed that was planted by God. LOVE is hard to find and a struggle to keep; but when found and kept it will change the outcome of all negative elements that haunt you. Let God in to protect and restore what he has so freely given us (LOVE). When in doubt, and disagreements occur or in despair. Turn to God the father for he will renew LOVE as if it was never disturbed. Each day JuS DeW U and Love U and Love one another.

Written by GinaJo