Many of us spent much of our adult life building a career and raising a family. But over time, life gets complicated, and it’s easy to get swept up by daily hassles and the tidal wave of hormones. When do we actually wind down and relax the mind and the body.
How are you reflecting on your week or day? When actually do you think? On the drive to work? When you drive home? On you break at work? Everyone needs to disconnect from the day to day. At least several times a week there needs to be quiet time (Meditation). However it should be daily along with eating healthy and exercise.


Yes exercise is important, and so is work. But what’s more important is recharging and gaining clarity. You are unable to get those if you are constantly connected to a phone, people, kids, spouses, TV relationships, driving, working, teaching, and talking. These can be all distractions and you certainly can’t make solid decisions if you are wound up all the time.

Example; You get up in the morning and get dressed, maybe eat breakfast, drive in traffic, work for 8-16 hours, drive home, at home your tending to your family’s needs, running errands, eat dinner, TV go to sleep get up and do it all again, day after day. Is that your life? In constant motion well sooner or later you’re going to crash.

When you have a group of people doing the same thing at the work places from 8 to 16 hours and not eating right or exercising properly. It’s no wonder the work places can be at the top of the list for unhealthiest environments. Mental breakdowns and physical sickness due to choosing an unhealthy diet, little to no exercise and mediating is a receipt for conflict, stress, and issues all day – every day.

That’s called STRESS which causes migraines, strokes, high blood pressure, and heart attacks and if you’re not in shape and not eating healthy you are headed for more health problems. Listen eating properly and exercising is essential however quiet meditation time is just as important. With all three of these components you can conquer any situation with ease. There has to be a shut off point. A time to reflect, think and rebuild the mind and body.

The purpose for meditation is to help an individual get in touch with the source of their existence. Meditating many times is overlooked helps and helps find clarity in many areas of your life. Meditation help depression, anxiety, relief stress, restore your mind, insomnia, improve your communication skills, helps focus and gives you a deep sense of peacefulness. Start incorporating meditation in your daily schedule.
Here are some tips when meditating; Wear something comfortable-wearing tight clothes can make you feel too constricted when you want to relax your body. Make sure your alert- what you eat makes a huge difference in how alert you are. Eat something light so you don’t feel drowsy while doing the meditation. Choose a guided meditation – as a beginner it will be easier to do a guided meditation. You can find online.

Start slowly building your mediation time a few days a week for 15 minutes at a time. Then slowly build from there. Soon you will mediate every day for 20-30 minutes. Revive your mind and give yourself a chance to hear the inner voice and find clarity, and relieve tension and the stress of the day. On step at a time sit in a chair or on the floor, close your eyes and JuS Dew U “Breathe2Relax”.
Written by GinaJo


thinking-emoticon-15563809Hey I been thinking, I owed you something; Hmm let me think now what was it? Ooh now I remember; I think I owed you compassion for life’s little mishaps. And some unconditional love no matter what you had done or said out of angry, resentment or hurt. Or was it kisses and hugs just because when I looked at you I felt a warm and a strong connection. Wait it was the openness and wiliness to get along and talk about us and our future together. No… Wait… okay it was the telling you I love you because I do and showing you how much you mean to me right? We’ll maybe it’s this… calling you out of the blue or text-ING sexy things cause we are so naughty and passionate together right? Hold on maybe it’s the gifts I give you and the walks; the holding hands; the caressing right? We’ll having thought about it I do owe something? What is it you ask?

All of this and More…. Love it’s such a wonderful thing when given and received. JuS DeW U owe nothing give everything.
Written by Ginajo