thinking-emoticon-15563809Hey I been thinking, I owed you something; Hmm let me think now what was it? Ooh now I remember; I think I owed you compassion for life’s little mishaps. And some unconditional love no matter what you had done or said out of angry, resentment or hurt. Or was it kisses and hugs just because when I looked at you I felt a warm and a strong connection. Wait it was the openness and wiliness to get along and talk about us and our future together. No… Wait… okay it was the telling you I love you because I do and showing you how much you mean to me right? We’ll maybe it’s this… calling you out of the blue or text-ING sexy things cause we are so naughty and passionate together right? Hold on maybe it’s the gifts I give you and the walks; the holding hands; the caressing right? We’ll having thought about it I do owe something? What is it you ask?

All of this and More…. Love it’s such a wonderful thing when given and received. JuS DeW U owe nothing give everything.
Written by Ginajo