Yeah, it was hidden away deep in the dirt so deep that you would need a stick of dynamite to blast the whole to get it out. And still it would be snug in between the mud and brick. Hidden away with it was the map it takes to find it. Usually when you’re hiding treasure you secretly hide the map in one spot and the treasure itself in another spot. This was not the case it appears as if it didn’t want to be found which made me even more intrigued.

So for a while I walked by just to see if someone was going to come back and remove the tape and clean up the area. So I waited, and waited until I got a feeling there was something behind the yellow tape that says DO NOT ENTER. It was a deep gut feeling the kind that’s poking you to move forward. And forward I moved confident and curious enough to want to step over the tape or even tear it apart and climb down into the cramp space. And see what’s pulling me towards the strong vibrations and energy. Not to mention the inner voice and gut feelings.

So being drawn to it and the desire to get rid of the nudge and gentle ache. That day I went the hardware store and I’m searching for some coveralls, hard hat, dynamite, lamps, tools and matches. Oh, and I don’t want to forget the boots because I may just have to trample through some mud. Now the next day I waited until mid-morning why I still don’t know it seems I’m being guided. Each step feels like its been planned out like a map. Even though I know this could be a real chore but I am not afraid. The good thing is I don’t mind loud noises and even getting dirty.

Here I go. I walk to the area that’s closed off and I rip the tape off and jump down into the deep area. I see how tight the opening is. There is no way I can squeeze through. I reach into my pocket and get a stick of dynamite which just so happens to fit into one of the cracks along the clumped area. I then proceeded to light it and run to a safe area. BOOM!!! Was the sound heard from miles? It shook the ground and rocks began to collapse and dust and particles flew in the air. I began to cough and grasps for air. And yeah, I was flustered and shaken. I even fell once or twice. So I got back up each time because I’m a man and that’s what men do be determined and stand firm.
I quickly gathered myself and walked towards the opening it was the most amazing sight. Still filled with dirt. I brush myself off. I didn’t want to appear filthy when I came upon its beauty. This small light that I see it was like a little dot. I went to grab it and I swear it made a sound. A gentle sigh as I gently pick it up ever so carefully  and there beneath was a folded piece of paper with instructions, scribbles and arrows on it. It was a map so I placed it in my pocket, covered it and carried like it was an egg.


I can’t wait to get it to a safe place. Gently pulling the remaining clumps of dirt off as I walk to the car. Anticipating the moment that I gaze at it. I’m nervous and anxious at the same time. Soon as I got to the safe place I began gently pulling the clumps off again, then using a soft bristle brush to get the loose dirt off. Almost clean I said but it was still dull and I knew it could use a washing. So I go into the bathroom and run warm water with suds in the tub. I slowly place it in the water. Soon as it rested in the water I heard another sound of a soft sigh.

As I wiped it with a clean rag it began to glow and get brighter and brighter. I quickly pick it up and I began to get dazed and blinded by all the great elements that were radiating from it. Blown a way by the vision and thinking to myself how God meticulously placed these beautiful elements within this gift. Never in my wildest dreams could I ever image being in the presence of such a gift. I am surprised that a good thing still exists.

Blessed with this gift I don’t understand how anyone could just walk by that spot and not wonder what’s in there. Puzzled  each day I walked pass it there was a different smell coming from it and a sense of the warmness felt as I stood there for hours sometimes just looking at it.

No way could someone lose such a gift? Could it be that someone actually lost their good thing and the map that’s needed to find it?

Yes, it could be and see I am blessed that I listened to my inner self and turned left instead of right. I never would have found this gift. So caught up in the gifts that are so freely given. I just accepted them because I could see what was presented to me. Nothing concealed and so I picked and choose based on what I saw and thought I wanted. Which often lead to emptiness and loneliness. So when I realized that I had to change to be a man not just by appearance but by my actions as well. I was able to be patient. And in the process I did become that man which taught me to chose the stick of dynamite to show I am ready, willing and able to blast through to gain the treasure that is promised.
I always knew I was worthy of such a gift, he told me. He also said if I just stopped, looked and listened to my inner self. He would give me the map to the treasure I seek. I knew what I wanted yet not understanding that what I wanted is not so freely given. I would have to put some work into it if I wanted the greatest gift of all.


The greatest gift is one that knows its worth. And present itself as precious. That which is not freely given but earned will be cherished and respected.

I am glad for the inner spirit which guided me while in the right frame of mind,  a physically ready body and a spirit filled soul to find a great treasury among the yellow tape. Whoever lost this precious gift I am glad you did for I will cherish it as long as there is breathe in my body.  He knew  JuS DeW N Me ~I’d find You…

man women rose

Written by GinaJo