Eyes watching

I see more than you think, I hear more than I speak.  Although you think I’m sleep I’m wide awake as you sneak. Hasn’t anyone told you there is no invisible cloak? Who are you that you so boldly place yourself upon a pedestal to be adorned? Castles built of sand that quickly turns to mush when it rains. False words leave your lips and leave them chapped with no carmex to cure. Yeah, Kings and Queens who rule under lies and manipulation have fallen from their weak thrones built to deceive and trap those who seek true love, goodness and kindness.

lost-confused-You think I’m caught in this web you weaved. Or lost in this mirage filled with chaos and confusion. Your traps won’t hold me long. Just paralyze me for only a short time until the truth frees me. You can’t hide lies and deception they always find a way to be exposed. What goes on in the dark always comes to the light. Crash, boom, bang its all revealed. You find yourself lost and alone or maybe desperate and sorrowful.  Because you had deceived, lied, used someone who loved you, cared for you, needed you or befriended you. Stop! and think before you start this web. You will fall and the fallen well what goes around comes around and be devoured with no trace.

more eyesSo don’t think people aren’t watching. They do see more than you think, yes they hear more then they speak. Although you think their sleep they are wide awake as you sneak.


Written by Ginajo

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