I am hoping as you read this you get a revelation as well how you can begin again. Life, living it can bring you joy, sorrow and pain. But of course not in that order. There are so many choices in the world. Sometimes, but not often you hope you make the right choices for yourself. Growing up was hard enough, it would seem when you get older a lot of things should change. For some yes, but not for all. Basically because everyone’s growth is different. Slower than some others. But don’t get it, twisted it doesn’t make you better or less than the other.

Beginning again, from a bad career decision, relationships, friendships, love and the list go on. They all affect you in some way. They all have a grieving period. You got to go through to make it to the end. Sorry, no way around it. For some of us, we don’t make it  to the end. Some of us tap out before the end because we can’t bare the pain. Some of us medicate ourselves through. Not a good idea to try to numb yourself through that only leads you to more substance abuse and you’ve only got a few choices. Death, go to jail for stealing to feed your addiction or be institutionalized and pumped with more drugs. Then you got to get rid of those as well.

thinking-positive-17639389Making decision sometimes isn’t easy, but if you weigh the pros and the con’s you come up with the truth of it and just do what’s best for you. Because ultimately it is about you. Your well-being and your mental stability. Okay, let’s try and simplify it. If it causes you pain, hurt, confusion and kayos. Yep, it’s a no brainer you got to let it go. Walk away from people, places and things which causes any of the above.

Easy? NO… Doable? Yes.

world-globe-rustic-wood-background-33222820Many things of this world are harmful, we do damage to ourselves every day. Mentally, Physically and Spiritual. And try to act like we got it all together when we don’t. Drinking Alcohol (Excessive), Smoking (Cigarettes) (Cigar’s) (Drugs), Lying, Backbiting, Causing Strife, Cheating when you married, or Cheating while in a committed relationship, Using people, places and things, playing church, pretend Christians and the list goes on and on. I know, I know you don’t want to hear this, but I am afraid in order to Begin Again, you got to call it like you see it. ACCEPTANCE is the first step to Begin Again. Once you have identified your issues, then you must accept that it is part of your character. DESIRE second step you must have the desire to make a change. You got to want to if you don’t, you will keep spinning on that wheel of going nowhere fast. Seeing yourself actually happy and believing in that vision and setting goals for that vision of happiness to be reality. CHANGE its the third step, if you don’t see it, believe it how can you have the desire to change it. Right? So take one step at a time in changing your situation, circumstance or surrounding. Actually do something different, say something different, and go to a different place.

put-your-plan-action-18556254This requires action. You can do it. Now that you have accepted there is an issue, found the desire to do something, acted upon it to change it now you are ready to BEGIN AGAIN. Listen you can, you will, and you are better than you were yesterday. Just go forward and take a chance on you. You can strive to be the best you that you can be, and love yourself in the process. It takes time, but most of all it takes an effort. If nothing changes, guess what NOTHING CHANGES. Get out of the OUTCOME. Let it happen. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Freedom, Happiness, Love, Joy, Growth, Sanity, Stability, Comfort, Confidence.. I could go on and on. Now you got it so go JuS DeW U “BEGIN AGAIN”