2017It’s a New Year time to make some changes right? Well, this is a good time to start, continue or finish a positive aspect of your life. Some but not all have made resolutions of some sort to help put a title to what need to change. And others just flowed right into the New Year without blinking an eye. Or just saying it is what it is. In any case, let’s get it popping. Your hopes and dreams of making more money, finding a new job, buying a house, finding a new church, investing, learning a new trade, going back to school or being open to a new relationship. Whatever your heart’s desire, let’s do it. All you need is a plan, right?

Yep! Now that you have recouped from all the celebrating it's time to roll up your sleeves and get busy. Sit down in a quiet place and think about what you want, and how you’re going to get it. You need a plan of action. Dream, Build, Enjoy, sounds easy right? Yeah, but No. Anything that's worth it, is going to require sacrifice and hard work. You must know that you know this is what you want. Without a doubt. Once you have decided then waste no time getting it. Nonstop. Kind of like a locomotive full speed ahead. Without looking back. Forward movement. Yes, yes you can.

road-perspective-dark-clouds-2016And those of us who have survived a tough year of lost loved ones, friendships dissolved, relationships ended, business fails and financial setbacks. Don’t give up. Take some time and figure out what went wrong. Write down the pro and cons of what you attempted. Really evaluate the situation to see what you could have done differently. And most of all what you learned from it. Carefully evaluate your state of mind when you made the decision that cost you a friendship, a loved one, a job, money, a business, status, or a reputation. Come to the realization that it's done and you can’t turn back, but you can make a conscious effort not to make that decision again.

love-your-selfGain some acceptance and you can move on. Believe me, there is something positive that came out of this year. Even though it may have been rough though out the year. Just think about it, you survived it. And that means, you are stronger than you were last year. What an accomplishment you’ve made. Wow! What a mighty God we serve. Now you are ready. For what? The blessing that is about to fall down on you. I say hold on tight your about to be blessed abundantly. They will flow so fast and it will be so many blessings you won’t have room to receive.

better-lifeEach time we make it to the next year there should be a celebration within ourselves of all we have accomplished and overcome. Life is so precious, and time goes by so fast. We must actually realize who we are and what we want out of this life because the time we are so blessed with wasting we can’t get back. So with the time we have left lets love more, laugh a lot, hug many, and give more. It seems hard at the time, but I can give a guarantee that if you love, laugh, hug and give you will receive it back 10 fold. Try it. Now I am hoping this article has given you the inspiration needed to move forward. All I want to do is inspire, uplift and encourage you to be the best positive person possible and to JuS DeW U.

 Remember, no weapon formed against you shall prosper.