Just B4

Every day I thinking-lightthink about some parts of my past that I wish I hadn’t done or should have done. And as the day goes by I find myself being thankful of all that I had done. Thanking God for the bad decisions as well as the right ones. It’s not easy living this life. It’s full of ups and downs, twists, turns and lessons are learned. At times the; should have, could have and would have manages to come up in many conversations. I’ve said it as well as the person or people I’ve been conversing with. Yet when we actually look over our lives we can truly say that we are blessed. Yeah, I know that’s a song, but it is so true.


All the bullets we dodged, and the car accidents we wasn’t in, the crazy people and hurtful situations that could have befall us didn’t. And I am thankful so thankful. And I know you are. Although we have put ourselves in danger numerous of times. Every time we had unprotected sex, every time we drove home drunk and on drugs, every time we walked into dark alleyways, and walking into various homes where we took that drug we shouldn’t have, every time we didn’t care about me. Every time we opened my mouth and spoke negative about somebody. That caused us pain not them. We are all trying to stay on the positive boat. It can be calm waves and sunshine one season and then stormy rains, rocky waves, lightening, thunder with the boat flipping and twisting the next. Nobody likes to be in that season. When we are in that rocky season we think about how it felt when it was calm waves and sunshine. Wanting it to stay that way but it doesn’t.

We sometimes get to a point where we felt we’ve overlooked something, or somebody. The truth is we truly didn’t. You met the people you were supposed to meet, worked at the company at the time you were needed, love the people you were supposed to for the time you did, and traveled to the place you were meant too. All to actually touch someone, free someone, love someone, help someone, deliver a message, or teach a lesson.

purpose-You may not believe it, but it’s all designed. It’s part of your purpose. We don’t often like the situations or people and places we go but it’s meant for us. Some of us have to keep getting tested because we either didn’t learn anything or the message wasn’t clear to them or us. Our lessons can last a minute, an hour, a day, a month, or a year and sometimes years. Yes, it’s hard. And there is only one guarantee. That you will learn something from your experience. Good or Bad. But the key is to keep it moving at all times. And focus on you. Remember, there are some Just B4’s to consider. There are always consequences to your actions Good or Bad.

stop-think-28185526Just B4 you pass judgment on someone else think about it. That could be you, too!  And this has a boomerang effect.

Just B4 you rise up in anger think about there must be pain their and adding fuel to the fire could get you burned. And this has a boomerang effect.

Just B4 you lie down to have unprotected sex, Stop!!! Please protect yourself and your family. And this has a boomerang effect.

Just B4 you lie remember you have to tell another one and another one just to keep up with all the ones you previously told. And this has a boomerang effect.

Just B4 your steal remember someone is always watching and you didn’t get caught today but tomorrow is not promised. It has a boomerang effect.

Just B4 you cause friction, problems and issues in someone life remember this has a boomerang effect.

Just B4 your sleep with someone’s  wife or husband remember someone is going to sleep with yours.

Just B4 you help remember someone will help you to when you need it.

Just B4 you give someone whose hungry something to eat someone will feed you as well.

Just B4 you make the determination to love someone unconditionally remember someone will love you the same.

Just B4 the thought came into your head to actually seek and find Jesus, he has always been there and was waiting for you.

Just B4

Just B4

Just B4

I could go on and on… Remember all situations have a boomerang effect. Good or bad. If you do good, show good intentions and actually love someone just because. Remember that’s good is coming for you.

create-your-futureIf you create destruction, anger, hatred, ignorance and kayos that what’s coming for you. So Just B4 you say anything, do anything and go anywhere think about how you want it to affect your life.

It’s your purpose.


JuS DeW U “Think Just B4”