Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bio: Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I grew up enjoying the arts, dancing, music, poetry, plays, movies and gallery art. I attended a university and technical school. Writing sort of found me it a way away for me to escape the madness and use my imagination to get away and create where I wanted to be. I am the youngest in my family. We were always taught to be unique and live free enjoy life. In order to do that you had to love yourself first. Be brave and always keep a smile on your face.

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3 thoughts on “About

      • Try U
        Its been a long time since I havent tried Me….In a since of talking to someone beside My Girls…Im going to take it slow and see what God is tring to do for me…Im alittle scared to let go!!!!! God has answered my request and its crzy..im going to Jus Dew Me….Thats Regina for Y
        our Outstanding and Encourageing Words…Keep up Gods work..


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